We built on over a decade of solid soccer history with this well-established tournament. Hosting 300 teams and 5,000 athletes annually, our event has steadily become a major opportunity for young talent to shine. With a consistent crowd of 12,000 attendees, the atmosphere is lively, filled with the anticipation of great soccer play!

Approximately 300-400 college coaches attend each year, eyeing potential candidates for scholarships, making it a crucial space for athletes aiming for the next level in their soccer careers. Puma, our sponsor, adds quality and professionalism to the event, ensuring participants and spectators alike feel the impact of a well-organized tournament.

Celebrating ten years of growth, from a local initiative to a nationally recognized franchise, our tournament stands as a testament to the steady and robust development of youth soccer. Here’s to the talent showcased, the opportunities created, and the continued growth of the sport we all love!