What's in a fan focus event?

The future belongs to brands that can turn game day excitement into long-term connection. Fan Focus is dedicated to delivering on this mission by creating highly engaging, integrated, and unforgettable events that can transform the relationship between sports fans and your brand.

But it takes more than a great on-site experience to create this result. Delivering an epic event requires powerful strategy, meticulous planning, and flawless execution across a wide range of disciplines – all coordinated on an extremely tight schedule. 

Event Strategy

Begin with the end in mind. From the first stages of concepting, our experienced team will help you craft a plan that's aligned with your brand's goals.

Planning & Logistics

A great event has hundreds of moving parts, often including numerous vendors and suppliers. We keeping them all aligned and working toward your goals.

Manufacturing & Shipping

Unlike other activation agencies, Fan Focus has our own fully-integrated manufacturing and shipping – maximizing both flexibility and return on investment.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory can be a massive headache, especially when it isn't a core part of your business model. Let us take it off your hands and maximize your agility.


We have our own dedicated warehouses, so your branded product can be managed safely from our team all the way from manufacturing through retail delivery on game day.


Massive promotion is fundamental to success in an event activation. Our team has proven experience at bringing engaged crowds to events nationwide.

Game Day Setup & Execution

It all comes together. With all the above disciplines in effect, our Fan Focus team ensures that your event runs flawlessly from beginning to end, delivering massive exposure and gathering valuable data for future marketing.

"The fun + the funnel"

On-site interaction is only the beginning. Because most activation agencies are strictly focused on earning revenue through events, they rarely provide brands with ongoing engagement opportunities. 

With leadership that has 25+ years in retail and brand building, Fan Focus is different. We aim to build your database and create long-term advocacy.

Marketing funnel

data is power

Events generate massive amounts of data. With most companies, very little of this valuable data is actually recorded or used. Follow-on growth in audience and revenue from an event can be 10X or more the on-site results. That’s why Fan Focus integrates a comprehensive data strategy into every event – maximizing your long-term brand growth and ROI.

On-site retail


We provide your brand with a branded storefront and a high-energy retail team trained to move product.


Celebrate your fans and partners with memorable event experiences. Our team can produce parties and events to fit any audience and budget – from intimate and classy to massive and completely off-the-hook!


Venue strategy

If you are a venue owner looking to maximize revenue and create partnership opportunities with top brands, Fan Focus can help. The key to a successful venue is understanding and maximizing numerous flows of revenue, in alignment with your core target audience strategy.

Our Partners

We’re proud to have brought together a world-class group of brands, manufacturers, and media platforms to help us deliver game-changing results for your brand or venue.


When you’re ready to connect with us and maximize your event results, please reach out!