The Power of Data


Today, Data > Immediate Sales

In the dynamic world of sports activation, events have the potential to generate a wealth of valuable data. However, all too often, this data is not properly captured and thus is never utilized by brands. This is a massive missed opportunity. 

In today’s market, the insights about customer behavior, demographics, product preferences, and brand allegiance that can be obtained from major events are often more valuable than the retail sales.

Allegiant Stadium

At Fan Focus, we recognize the immense potential of data, and we put it to use for your brand.

Follow-on growth in audience engagement and revenue can be a game-changer, often exceeding on-site results by 10X or more. Through our expertise in data analysis, we’ll help you harness the full potential of your event data, driving success and growth well beyond the event itself.

comprehensive event analytics

By gathering high-quality data in real time, Fan Focus has the ability to supply you with the reporting you need to make effective strategic decisions and increase market share.

Analytics graphs

Imagine transforming every event into an integrated, customized, long-term campaign that turns casual fans into
brand ambassadors.